John Coady

Counselor & Psychotherapist

I am a registered Mental Health Social Worker. I also have a Diploma in Adult Psychotherapy from ANZAP (Australian & NZ Association of Psychotherapy).

As a counsellor and psychotherapist, I utilize an interpersonal relationship to enable self-understanding, stress reduction and assist in making changes to your life. I am trained in various therapeutic modalities and integrate these according to your needs and situation.

I have worked extensively with adult clients from diverse backgrounds including men, women, couples, LGBTQI, those born overseas. With over twenty years professional experience, I have developed an understanding of supporting others to deal with stressful health changes and life adjustments.

My work in mental health spans areas of emotional trauma and abuse, including neglect and developmental trauma, suicidal thoughts, loss and grief, depression and anxiety, major health issues, family of origin work, concern re alcohol & drug use, plus anyone with stress and socially isolated groups.

I work from a strengths-based perspective, and when people struggle with problems, this is not their core identity. I establish a non-judgemental and empathic working relationship with social and mental health assessment. I work with people over short or medium periods relating to their life situations and concerns they bring. Often presentations can involve multiple and sometimes complex issues. 

My model of care includes empathic, supportive intervention to create a suitable plan. Here you can expect a safe and confidential space re your concerns for discussion. There may be a specific issue, or something that has troubled you for a while. 

Either way, we work at your pace, share a therapeutic conversation, build new skills, cope better, and reduce your emotional pain.