Claudia Vidor

Nutrition & Dietetic Clinician (BHSC)

Claudia is a Qualified Nutrition & Dietetic Clinician (BHSC) and published health writer, specialised in working with reproductive health and hormonal balance, disorder eating behaviours, fertility, weight management, and chronic pain.

She has done extensive training to work with women suffering from pregnancy complications, postnatal depletion, and disorder eating behaviours.

Claudia takes a scientific and holistic approach that harnesses the combined power of nutrition, smart eating strategies, and exercise. Her approach is personal and non-judgmental, and she supports her clients to build a wholesome and sustainable relationship with healthy and delicious food.

One of her key passions is to support and empower clients through food and lifestyle choices that can optimise their wellbeing. She doesn’t only work on the nutritional aspects but also focus on changing the mindset by creating individualised tools that can support the patient’s optimal health.

Claudia suffered from infertility, chronic candida, gut issues, and chronic pain for more than a decade.  After a misdiagnosis that proved detrimental for her health and delayed her conception by 3 years, she realised that conventional medicine wasn’t helping her; she then decided to take charge of her life by working on her mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle. 

She naturally became a mum of 2, and has been living a pain-free, candida free life ever since.

Claudia is a supportive mother and wife, and she gets excited by a strong coffee and a good book, she loves spending time in nature, especially in the snow, and she only has cold showers.