Beatrice Posokhow


Having studied Ericksonian hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy under AIP’s Gordon Young, arguably the best in the country and boasting the only RTO certification in Australia in that field, Beatrice sees all sorts of clients presenting a wide array of issues. Beatrice is also an NLP practitioner and is currently studying under UK hypnotherapist Sheila Granger, worldwide leading Virtual Gastric Band practitioner. “I have heard too many people complain about diets and their very limited long-term results, not to be interested in Granger’s solid system”.

Born and raised in France, Beatrice is quite multicultural: she now calls Australia home but has lived in 6 countries, “It is wonderful to have access to the entire English and French speaking worlds as they offer such a wide array of research avenues respectively. And there is great interest and progress.” Formerly a graphic designer, she decided to rekindle with her first love, psychology, fascinated by the notion that our subconscious runs 95% of our daily lives yet very few of us do anything about it, consciously.

Hypnotherapy’s amounting empirical evidence shows its efficacy for common issues like smoking cessation but can also be used in less obvious areas. Truly, the sky’s the limit: hypnotherapy works wherever the mind is at play. Many don’t seem to realize that it can help tremendously for issues considered “purely physiological”, migraines, endometriosis, psoriasis, chronic pain.

“My ideal clients are people who understand that harnessing their subconscious to make it work for themselves is within their reach. Mentalities are fast changing. Pain management in chronically ill people is dear to my heart, especially in the light of the opioid crisis we’re going through.”